Designing Online Visuals

Since I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, I’ve always wondered how people make the cute visuals that catch your eye enough to check out the pin. Since there’s so many of them I figured, “it can’t be that hard, right?” I never put in the effort to try and figure out how to make an eye-catching visual. With the help of my instructor, I got a kick-start to finding out exactly how to make visuals used for everyday and in the classroom. Canva and Piktochart are great websites to get a non-hassle start on personal visual. All through my educational career I’ve used Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint for assignments and presentations. Through this time, I’ve come to navigate my way around comfortably. In my early college years, I was recommended Prezi. Prezi gives a new twist to boring presentations, and gives you a lot of options as far as design. The focus of Canva and Piktochart is to create high-quality visual aids. I wish I had known about these two websites in high school and in the beginning of my college career. These will be extremely helpful for 3rd teacher references in my classroom, and for field trip slips, fundraisers, beginning of the year classroom policy, posters, and school events.

Jazz Night EXAMPLE

Here is an example that I created using Canva. I really enjoyed the website, it’s easy to navigate and self-explanatory. The only thing I would recommend that the website changed is the free templates. There are some that have a fee to use, along with free ones. I couldn’t find any way to filter just to the free ones, as they were mixed with the ones with the fee. However I did find very flattering designs and graphics as well.

Below is an example from Piktochart. This example is based on my ILP. Signing up for a standard account, all templates offered are free, unless you want to upgrade for more templates with a charging fee. There are plenty of template themes and designs available to edit for the creation you want. Or, you can start from a plain standard template. There are three categories to choose from while making a visual—an infographic (web design), presentation, or printable. You can upload pictures from your computer or you can choose from the graphics offered.