Being an Innovative Learner

Reading The Mindset of an Innovator by George, it gave me a better understanding on what innovation actually is. Being a future educator, there are many things that we will encounter while on our educational journey. Making change, alterations, or transformations to benefit the future is just what an innovator does.

“I am an innovative educator and I will continue to ask ‘what is best for learners.'” -George

Being a student, or just a person in general, I am always looking for ways to improve my personal skills. Improving studying, listening, testing, and comprehension skills is something I’m always striving to improve at. I have been innovative in many ways this semester. For one, my independent learning project. I learned and observed many ways to improve something that I enjoy. Being an innovator, I reached out and explored my resources. I ordered a few books that really gave me a great insight on some useful information towards my ILP. I had no idea that reading something about a hands-on experience could be so informative. The authors and their writing was very descriptive and visual. I didn’t get as confused as I thought I would, as I’m terrible at reading directions and instructions.

After hours and years of learning material, is there a way to unlearn skills? Will Richardson writes The Unlearning Curve, stating there is 10 things we all need to unlearn. Since our brains don’t have a rewind button, how do we do this? “There is no curriculum for unlearning, and, of course, in many ways it’s simply learning to see things differently or to at least be open to it” (Richardson).

I don’t necessarily think I need to unlearn my view and beliefs about teaching and learning, but I do think I need to continue having an open mind learning new things and techniques. Morally, I can think of a few things that I could unlearn. For example, I went to a gas station today to fill up my car. The pump wasn’t working properly so I went into the gas station to tell the employee on shift. “Well it must be your car because we haven’t had any other complaints on it.” My first thought was “geeze lady I was just letting you know, no need to be snotty.” After I left I thought maybe there was another reason to her poor attitude toward me. What if she had a crying baby that kept her up all night? What if she was sick and no one could cover her shift? Maybe she could have just received some disappointing news? I take things personally, which I’m horrible at, but it made me realize that maybe I need to unlearn not to assume or be judgmental subconsciously.


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