Digital Storytelling

A short video of a metaphor for learning. Dedicated to digital literacy.


3 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling”

  1. I like the house metaphor! I like that you went through the construction route and diagnosed the building of the house and how all the different people are related to the structure. I think that using the basic skills as a metaphor for student learning was genius! The stability of the house depends on the knowledge of the builder. Really neat.


    1. Thanks! I had some trouble with how i made my storytelling. I used movie maker and it really made me do a lot more work than what I bargained for! It was super awkward to use my own voice haha! Thanks for watching 🙂


  2. Nice video! I think your voice sounds great, you have nothing to worry about. I really like your metaphor and all the pictures you incorporated into it. Your video was a lot like mine, I get camera shy so I didn’t record myself.


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