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Podcasts In the Classroom

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While some movies and books capture a child’s attention, there’s a new way to keep children engaged while expanding their learning experience. This tool is called podcasting. Podcasting is the making of digital broadcasting that is available to download and listen to. This form of technology is making a beneficial impact in classrooms. The Podcasting Host says: “Podcasting offers the opportunity for lecturers to easily broadcast engaging audio content, which students can then listen to at any time and wherever they are.” With many students having extra activities outside of school, it’s tough to make time to sit down, and read a book. Podcasting offers a new way for students to be available to content. This tool also serves as a bonus for missed lectures and class time. Students can stay up to date on lectures and class discussions while being away from the classroom itself. Students who struggle with a disability, or ELL, can better enhance auditory skills, which support reading and writing. “Many students may struggle with reading through mental impairments, such as Dyslexia, and podcasts can be a big aid in this. Podcasts are equally useful in cases where a visual impairment makes traditional learning methods arduous”, adds The Podcast Host.

With podcasts having so many benefits in the classroom, here is a short video on why to incorporate them in the classroom.

“In an Atlantic piece about “the podcast brain,” the writer Tiffanie Wen quoted Emma Rodero, a communications professor at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, as saying that “listening, unlike looking at a written page, is more active, since the brain has to process the information at the pace it is played.’ My student Roberto offered similar insight: ‘I think it helps me out with my reading since I have to keep a pace up.’” –The Atlantic.

For students with auditory disorders or hearing impairment, this may not be the best solution to enhance learning growth. With proper use and management, it could possibly strengthen or practice auditory skills. Students who struggle with speech and listening skills may also benefit from podcasts. Practice speech therapy with using student interest as a leverage. Recording therapy sessions using podcasts can help show students areas needed to be worked on or practiced. The Speech Knob has some awesome experience with using podcasts in her therapy sessions. Class Tech Tips also supports tips on how to improve listening skills in students while using podcasts.



2 thoughts on “Podcasts In the Classroom”

  1. I really liked the video you shared! I also liked how you included how students with learning impairments could benefit from podcasts. It’s always great to find a resource that so many different students could participate it! Thanks for sharing.


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