Digital Activism: A Way to Get Involved

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What is digital activism? To be exact, Wikipedia says it to be “(also known as web activism, online activism, digital campaigning, digital activism, online organizing, electronic advocacy, cyberactivism, e-campaigning, and e-activism) is the use of electronic communication technologies such as social media, email, and podcasts for various forms of activism to enable faster communication by citizen movements and the delivery of local information to a large audience. Internet technologies are used for cause-related fundraising, community building, lobbying, and organizing.” In other words, it’s an opportunity for teens and students to get involved in Nationwide and Worldwide events and news appropriately. The world is constantly changing, and as educators we encourage students to get involved. Digital activism is a safe, appropriate, and efficient way for students to have a voice.

By exploring digital activism sites, it gives students an educational perspective from students all over the world. With technology and social media expanding rapidly, teen activism on social media gets the word out fast. Although this is no political, electoral, or economical event, this 13-year-old football player is taking a step to make gender an irrelevant factor in sports.


By using digital activism, it has become more effective in education. The purpose of digital activism is for young learners to be involved online efficiently. Social media users such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Snapchat, and more provide the ability for kids to participate in real-life events. Here are some reliable resources relating to digital activism:

  • Youth Activism Project is a source that promotes success stories and features campaigns by categories.
  • The Shorty Awards  honors and recognizes young individuals who engage an online audience by connecting world change to social media.
  • Change.org is a site that allows a person to start a petition as well as following current petitions.
  • DoSomething.org is a “global movement for good”, offering campaigns, scholarships for getting involved, and inviting students of all ages to participate in the movement towards a better change.

Altogether, digital activism is a movement towards change in the digital world. By spreading awareness online, social media users of all backgrounds can participate in a safe way. Digital activism is connecting people online by sharing and posting. However, with digital activism, digital citizenship should apply. There are some users that are very bullheaded in what they believe- and being online is an easy way to deliver and send miscommunication and misunderstanding. Make change for a better world by being a better person!





5 thoughts on “Digital Activism: A Way to Get Involved”

  1. I love the Tolstoy quote at the end. I agree with you that sometimes that cyber advocacy can be one sided and that is one reason that I choose not to participate in digital activism. I do appreciate that dome people have the courage to speak their minds on the internet because it is a very good platform that reaches so many people so quickly. I like the twitter post you shared about the 13 yo trying to advocate for gender neutrality in sports.


  2. Digital Activism is definitely a great way for students to be involved and advocate for their rights, but in a socially appropriate manner. I look at some posts from adults and I am appalled by their vulgarity and the fact that children can easily view their behavior. I would like to think that these people had a moment of memory loss and forgot that the entire world can see their stupidity. This should be a prime example to students why they shouldn’t behave in such an immature and socially irresponsible manner.


    1. I see some adults act more immature than pre-teens. Especially on Facebook, I see parents, family members, teachers, coaches, boss’s, etc., post inappropriate things on social media. What if your kid or mother saw that? I always keep my social media accounts very private and clean, it’s how I represent myself!

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      1. I know! Some of it is just awful. Here we are trying to teach our children respect, manners, tolerance, etc., but how can we hold them to those standards when coaches and family members are doing the exact opposite? It is almost impossible!


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