Hey, I Like Your Name


I had way too much fun Googling myself. I started off searching my name, then my mom’s, grandparents, and ended up doing a background check on people, haha! That’s like YouTubing how to change your oil and end up watching a video on how long giraffe’s tongues are. Fortunately, I hardly found anything on myself. I found 1 picture, my Twitter profile picture to be exact. I was pretty happy about this, since all my social media accounts are set to private except for my Twitter account. The thought of a random searching me is disturbing.

A while back I read a post about uploading pictures. A mother uploaded a picture of her daughter on her 1st day of school onto social media (which was not private). A local predator saw it and stalked the elementary school the little girl went to. Once the mother dropped the little girl off the predator lured the girl by making a false accusation about the girl’s mother. The predator sold the little girl into sex trafficking. Although this message may not be real, it can easily happen. After I read that I immediately changed all my privacy settings on social media accounts. There is predator’s lurking all over the web and streets.

It’s astounding that the internet can hold unlimited information within seconds. When


I searched my mom, I found a public record that revealed relatives (including me), contact information, places lived, currently address and more. That is a super uneasy feeling! The
site that I found all that information from is Spokeo, to access this information there is a monthly fee so I was only limited with so much information. I searched my middle name as well, and nothing came up. The only thing that came up was the Barnard Residence Hall in Madison, WI. The top result was on Instagram—a cheerleader for Oklahoma University. I figured out that she’s in phenomenal shape while I’m eating leftover birthday cake from 2 days ago. I did my fair share of creeping, I mean we do have the same name!

I’m very cautious of what I support on the internet. I have this rule, it’s: don’t post anything your grandma wouldn’t be proud of. When I post or share something, I ask myself “what would a future employer think of this?” That’s why I don’t post anything political or rant on social media. It saves me from a lot of other nasty comments made by others. People can sometimes feel invincible behind a screen, and that’s why it’s so easy to get carried away. I’m pretty happy with my results, I feel that if a person is in my life they know everything they need to know. Otherwise, it’s none of your business 😉


6 thoughts on “Hey, I Like Your Name”

  1. That’s a really scar story about that little girl! It is very smart that you set all of your accounts to private and even smarter that you always think about what you post. I think social media would be very different if everyone did the same.


  2. Great post! That story you shared is scary and like you said this is stuff that probably does happen! When I searched my parents it also came up with the list of their relatives and places they have lived and if you pay money than you can access their entire file. I found this to be so scary that anyone can just pay to get all your information.


  3. It is honestly really scary what can be found on the internet! Unfortunately I think it has made it easier for people to be pervs… This is why strict privacy settings are important! I also had a hard time finding anything on myself! Let’s call this a success!!


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