xuark38nTo be completely honest, I’m still not totally sure that DS106 is, so bear with me! What helped best figure out what is was, was the DS106 “course syllabus .” DS106 is a free, open to the public, ongoing, active session with you as the instructor. There is no set time, or checking in, or grading involved. This is specifically about an individual developing a deeper understanding in technology use and skills. The “DS” of DS106 is referred to as Digital Storytelling. The material required for this course is Wi-Fi and various social media accounts. Having a Twitter and WordPress account is a very strong way to get involved (personally). With digital storytelling, there are five different media types: writing, photography, drawing, audio, and video. With all of these media types being very important, I hope to be proficient in all five. However, that’s not the case right now. Photography and drawing is something that comes easy to me, and that I enjoy partaking. Video and audio (more so audio), is a little intimidating. The more experience and practice, the more proficient I’ll become with audio and video!

With DS106, comes with positive and easy challenges. Following DS106 TDC, makes it easy to see what the challenge is that day without having to get frustrated or pressured to participate. After all, YOU are the instructor! As a teacher, I can see myself using this to motivate all those technology-hungry kiddos out there! Under the right circumstances, this could potentially be a great resource to use in the classroom. It can encourage good behavior, smart choices, and strong morals.


Digital storytelling can be used as a check point for understanding in the classroom. Whencdsg teaching a lesson in the classroom, post a challenge relevant to the material. For example, if teaching a lesson on oceanography, challenge students to create their own “underwater” picture—placing a picture of themselves in an underwater background. Including hashtags will encourage discussion and more abstract ideas. Or perhaps while teaching a math lesson, have students include a picture of shapes—draw or make a picture of triangles, ovals, rectangles, diamonds, etc.

DS106 is a course intended to push you out of your comfort zone with technology and ideas. So, be prepared for technology overload!


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