Heirloom, Where Are You?

PC: The Backside of Water

Where do I even begin?

I didn’t start with my independent learning project until Friday, to be honest. Thursday evening my mom was tossing around the idea of coming to Sheridan with my brother (they live in Worland). Saturday morning, they got into town. Knowing how well my mom is with refurbishing, I purposely waited for her. I saw this amazing idea on Pinterest, and wanted to attempt the same art in refurbishing. Reading into this article on Pinterest, I realized it was a blog! The Graphics Fairy has so many ideas, inspirations and blogs!

My mom and I went to Home Depot to look for the supplies used in the blog. Most of the supplies was the same brand, Heirloom. Thinking that we would hit the jackpot with the supplies, the store had none of the supplies we were looking for! I asked the paint specialist for assistance in finding what I needed, and he recommended Ace, since they have Benjamin Moore branch as well. We made our way to Ace and the first thing we asked is if they have the product. They didn’t have it either—UGH! I went to Amazon to see if they sold Heirloom, and of course they only had a slim variety. I went back to the blog and read it in more depth, and Lord behold, there was an Heirloom website attached. I browsed the website and everything listed was available. I added what I needed into my cart, sweet! Until I went to check out. $80.00 for 4 things, yikes! I went back to the blog, again, and commented on it. I asked if the painter had any other suggestions for the products she used. In the back of my head I was thinking that there was a slim chance of her replying, and to my surprise, she did. The same day!

She was very informative and helpful, I commented back and explained that I am doing an independent study for refurbishing! And asked if there were more college student appropriate products that she could recommend.

Sunday, my mom and I went to Ranchester to see a friend, Amy, who used to live in Worland. She had taken on the part time job refurbishing and restoring furniture as well. Her projects were beautiful! She was very helpful too. In October, I had bought a dresser on UpCycle for $40 dollars to refurbish. The dresser was three drawers tall and 2 drawers wide. My plan was to just sand it, but it had shellac on it! That is the toughest stuff I have ever sanded! I went through 10 sheets of sand paper, and wore out my sander. Finally, a lot of swear words and prayers later, I had it all sanded down ready to paint with chalk paint. As I was telling Amy this, she said, “the point of chalk paint is so you can paint anything with it.” That’s like making a beautiful dinner and your kids want to order pizza (not that I have kids). So frustrating!

I came home and thought about what I would do with it. A coffee bar, an end table, a doorway table? I took out the drawer to see would it would look like. My boyfriend helped me cut out a piece of wood to put on the bottom since there was no bottom of the drawer. There ended up not being very much room to put things, so we put the drawer back in.

I currently ordered a book about the works of refurbishing, to serve as a guide.

Furniture Makeovers: Simple Techniques for Transforming Furniture With Paint, Stains, Paper, Stencils, and More


A Touch of Farmhouse Charm: Easy DIY Projects to Add a Warm and Rustic Feel to Any Room


This week I did a lot more discussing and researching than I had planned. When I have refurbished in the past, I’ve sanded everything down for a light coat of paint, and sanded again, for a rugged look. Apparently, there’s a formula for this type of work.

I am also looking at textured medium as an option. I’ve never used it, so why not try it? I’ve seen beautiful things done with it, so let’s see if I can master the basics 🙂


2 thoughts on “Heirloom, Where Are You?”

  1. Sounds like you had quite the time with your ILP! Though you stuck with it, and sounds like you were able to learn a lot about refurbishing just with price, and other useful things. Excited to see what kinds of stuff you’re able to make throughout the semester!


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