Wednesday is for Wood

In my free time (between work, school, running my puppy, and exercise) I have quite a few hobbies. They include:

  • Adventuring up to the mountains or a new back road
  • Traveling
  • Making DIY projects
  • Woodworking
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Hiking

As an independent project, I’ve decided to take on woodworking and refurbishing. I’ve always loved seeing before and after pictures from old to new, and my mom has a 6th sense for potential. Growing up, my mom used to tag me along to garage sales, thrift shops, and antique shops. At that age, I thought everything was either cool or junk. I would want a half-colored coloring book or a bike missing a wheel, but my mom always managed to find something rough on the edges, and make it beautiful.

The feeling of standing back and looking at your work, satisfied, is an addicting feeling. You feel accomplished, productive, and just awesome. Working full time for the City of Worland in the summer (my 5th year) I would go to my grandpa’s shop. Since he retired, he hired a contractor to build a shop in the backyard (about a two-car garage size) and has it LOADED with equipment. Drills, sanders, saws, plainer, table saw, radial arm saw, hand tools beyond galore…basically a Home Depot at your fingertips. I never bought any wood, I made everything from pallets and scraps! (I owe my creativity to Pinterest.) He showed me and taught me so much this summer, I was crushed to go back to school. I have bought and collected tools over time, but it’s still not the same, (I bought my boyfriend a boat load of tools for Christmas, so basically it was presents for both of us, hehe.)

My goal is to see if anyone would buy the stuff I make and refurbish. It would be a huge compliment to have someone want my work! That is, if I can let go of it. My go-to look is always rustic and vintage and sometimes chic. My motto is “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!” So far, I have an untouched nightstand and end table in my garage that I plan to working on during these next few weeks, and eventually when I see something with potential, I will snag it. I usually find good deals on Sheridan Upcycle, a Facebook page that is basically an online garage sale. I’ve bought brand new children’s Scholastic books ($10), Columbia snow pants ($20), my dresser ($40), my couch ($150), and recently the nightstand ($20)! The end table ($30) I found this weekend at a thrift store while in Gillette, WY while watching my brother run indoor track.

I’m beyond excited to get started on this project(s)!

Below is some pictures from my projects in the summer 🙂

Pallet tray
Pallet tray
Pallet Coffee Rack
Hutch my grandpa made for my parents’ wedding gift in the 90’s I refurbished
Bought a used dresser for $40, put in a little TLC
Storage for my garage

6 thoughts on “Wednesday is for Wood”

  1. I was very interested in this blog. I was really drawn to the rest of it when you started talking about your woodworking. I took woodworking in high school and I found it to be very fun. I made all sorts of things out of scraps. We made life guard chairs and little jewelry boxes. I also really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the things that you refurbish and think that is very cool that you like to fix things up.
    Great Post!


  2. Great post! I think that it is way awesome how you use your creativity to make old things look new. I am a big Pinterest fan, and always find my self posting cute DIY ideas, but never make time to do it. I am looking forward to seeing what else you create!
    Thanks for sharing,


  3. I love your creations! You and I have similar taste! I cannot wait to see what else you create and I would most definitely purchase from you. 🙂 KEEP POSTING PICTURES! Great job and good luck!


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